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Now, Open for Entries! Audition for 6 Top Ballet Schools from around the World


We have started accepting applications for exceptional admission auditions that will take place simultaneously with “Orchard Ballet Gala 2020”--Gala Performance with Top Ballet Schools from around the World.

This audition is a joint event for ballet learners aiming to become professional dancers to practice at a ballet school participating in this performance. The audition offers opportunities to get tickets to six ballet schools representing individual countries.

Performance detail of“Orchard Ballet Gala 2020”—
Gala Performance with Top Ballet Schools from around the World"

【The flow of the audition】
1.Application for participation (documentary screening)
Deadline: The application must arrive by January 24, 2020 (Friday). Download the application form below and apply by mail before the deadline.  
Download it here >>>

2.Notification of documentary screening results
February 14, 2020 (Friday)
Those passing the documentary screening will receive detailed information on the first selection by the above date.

3.Selections (first and final selections)
First Selection : February 28, 2020 (Friday) at Bunkamura Orchard Hall Rehearsal Room
Final Selection : February 29, 2020 (Saturday) on Stage of Bunkamura Orchatrd Hall

- The first selection will take place in the form of a class lesson.
- The time of the first selection depends on the number of participants.
- The final selection is open only to the finalists who were chosen at first section.
* No audition will occur during the performance of “Orchard Ballet Gala 2020.”

4.The announcement of judgment results
Scheduled for February 29, 2020 (Saturday) .

* We may introduce those granted admission to the audience during the performance of “Orchard Ballet Gala 2020” on March 1 (Sunday).

【Final selection judges】
Representatives of
Berlin State Ballet School
The Royal Ballet School
San Francisco Ballet School
The School of the Hamburg Ballet
Vaganova Ballet Academy
Zurich Dance Academy

* Japanese ballet teachers will judge the documentary screening and the first selection at the request of ballet schools.

【The scope of awards】
Berlin State Ballet School – Admission for short Term, long Term and Summer course
The Royal Ballet School – Admission Permission (invitation to Final audition in London)
San Francisco Ballet School  - Summer session, School Year Program
The School of the Hamburg Ballet / Admission Permission
Vaganova Ballet Academy / Admission Permission
Zurich Dance Academy / Admission Permission
- An award is granted only to the eligible person. The range of prizes is subject to change. Check the application form for details.

Participants must aim to become a professional dancer and be willing to study abroad.

* Age restrictions vary from school to school. Check the application form for the age limit of each school.
* The experience of ponte shoes is irrelevant.
* There are no restrictions on residency or nationality.

【Test fee】 25,000 yen
Pay by cash at the reception on the day of the first selection.

* Documentary screening is free of charge. There is no additional fee for the final selection.

【How to apply】
Fill in the application form (A4), attach photos of your face and a designated pose, and mail it in a way that will leave a record of delivery, such as simple registered mail, within the deadline. Do not fold the envelope.  

Tokyu Bunkamura "Orchard Ballet Gala Audition Application"
2-24-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-8507 JAPAN

* Please mail it as we do not accept carry-on. We will not return your documents.

≪Period of reception ≫
Must arrive between November 22, 2019 (Friday) and January 24, 2020 (Friday) inclusive.

- Please acknowledge that those granted permission should talk directly to the relevant school for all necessary procedures, such as travel and enrollment, at their responsibility. Note that our company offers no support at all.
- The final screening will be open to the public. Parents and companions need to purchase an audition ticket (3,000 yen) to view.
- We may present those granted admission to the audience during the performance of “Orchard Ballet Gala 2020” on March 1 (Sunday).
- We may post the name, age, and other details of the person who given admission. The state of the final screening will remain on a visual record, and photos and videos may appear on publicity materials, websites, and so forth of Bunkamura, co-sponsored, sponsored, and cooperating companies.

・Bunkamura, Berlin State Ballet School, The Royal Ballet School, San Fransisco Ballet School, The School of the Hamburg Ballet, Vaganova Ballet Academy and Zurich Dance Academy will obtain personal information, such as the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address provided by the application form and use it for matters relating to the extraordinary admission audition.

Tokyu Bunkamura, Inc. "Orchard Ballet Gala Audition"
E-mail address:  obg@bunkamura.co.jp
* We do not answer any inquiry about the results of the examination.