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The Concept of Bunkamura | About Bunkamura

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Official Supplier

New relationship connecting business and culture

Bunkamura receives continuous support from business corporations known as Official Suppliers.

This is a totally new system of sponsorship in Japan in which business corporations help support and develop culture and art on a long-term basis, and differs from conventional relationships between business and the arts in Japan in which business corporations serve as sponsors for a single event. This system has attracted attention as a cultural activity for visionary companies, and has become an established practice in Japanese society. In the year of 1999, Bunkamura received the Grand Mécénat Award (sponsored by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts) as a result of gaining an outstanding reputation for its various cultural activities and unique operation system to support such activities, including the Official Supplier system.

Bunkamura is currently under contract with OMRON Social Solutions Co., Ltd., Kajima Corporation, the Kirin Group, Daiwa Securities Group Inc., NITORI Co., Ltd., Hitachi, Ltd., and the Tokyu Group. Against a backup of such powerful supporters, Bunkamura is able to introduce quality culture to increasing numbers of people.

Official suppliers supporting Bunkamura NITORI OMRON Social Solutions Co., Ltd. Kajima Corporation the Kirin Group the Tokyu Group HITACHI Daiwa