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Creating the future with fun and excitement

Tokyu Bunkamura, Inc. operates three cultural facilities in Shibuya: Bunkamura, Tokyu Theatre Orb, and Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre. We engage in business with cultural and artistic creation and expression as part of our relationship with society. Acting as the intermediary between creators and spectators, we strive to support culture and the arts, to deliver moving experiences through live events, and to always bring peak satisfaction and excitement to all of our customers.

We tirelessly seek to achieve even greater levels of quality to satisfy and delight our visitors. To this end, we focus on three key areas: producing excellent plans, creating the perfect environment, and maintaining a high level of quality in our services.

Bunkamura was established in September 1989 as the first large-scale cultural complex in Japan. Since its opening, Bunkamura’s creative space, comprising a concert hall (music), theatre (performance), museum (art), and cinema (film), as well as a café and art-related shops, has always drawn attention as a base for introducing new cultural pursuits. Bunkamura attracts 3 million visitors annually and is a popular spot in Shibuya where people can enjoy a range of cultural and artistic experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

* Bunkamura will be closed from April 10th, 2023 until the end of 2027 (date undecided), except Orchard Hall.

TOKYU THEATRE ORB was opened in July 2012 on the 11th floor of the Shibuya Hikarie , a complex tower directly connected with Shibuya station.
The theatre was desined and constructed specifically for musical productions; an expression of the live art form to enrich our modern life styles.TOKYU THEATRE ORB is the place where unlimited possibilities and encounters beyond the imagination come together.

The Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre opened in May 2001 at the old site of the Tokyu Corporation headquarters, as a follow-up to Bunkamura, in accordance with the late Noboru Goto's grand vision "to redevelop Shibuya into the center of culture." As a facility designed to present traditional cultures to the world, the theatre hosts diverse performances, from Noh and Kyogen performances to collaborative performances with foreign cultures such as ballet and classical music. Various organizations and companies also use the theatre for commissioned performances, drawing attention as a new type of noh theatre.

Company Profile

Name Tokyu Bunkamura, Inc.
Established 16th November, 1988
Capital ¥100,000,000
Fiscal Accounting January (yearly)
Business Description Operation and management of general entertainment facility; to include the presentation of films and gallery management.
Main Office 2-24-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-8507
Telephone Number 03-3477-9111