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Facility Information

We propose encounters with quality art life in various scenes of daily life.

Bunkamura Gallery holds exhibitions of various genres with the aim of making art more accessible and enabling people to get more in touch with art in their daily lives.
During the time Bunkamura (except ORCHARD HALL) is closed, Bunkamura Gallery will move to “Creative Space 8/” in Shibuya Hikarie, serving as “Bunkamura Gallery 8/”.
The Gallery will continue to aim for creating new encounters and touchpoints in open space, and for being a sustainable arena of communication in which people can exchange their views.

Information on exhibitions

The open gallery with large glass wall is a unique space for introducing various types of art.

Art coordination

Through the Bunkamura’s trust-based network, we can help you to enhance your space—from individual residences to large-scale architecture—with artworks.