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Facility Information

A tripartite giant acoustic shelter (16.4 metres high,120 tons) enables the stage to be converted to suit the orchestra and production.This shows formatting for mid. sized orchestra.

A world class hall for world class concerts, opera and ballet

The world's three great concert halls are Vienna's Musikvereinssaal, Amsterdam's Concertgebouw and the Boston Symphony Hall. They are all so-called "shoe box" style halls, characterized by their high ceilings, vertical walls, shallow balconies and rectangular design. Orchard Hall is the largest hall of this type in Japan, designed in meticulous detail from the very outset both to guarantee the audience a totally satisfying auditory experience and, at the same time, to provide artists with as near perfect a performing environment as possible.

Multiple refraction from the 20 meter high ceiling and the towering vertical walls produces full, majestic acoustics. Furthermore, by adjusting the giant movable tripartite acoustic shelter, it is possible for the auditorium to function dually as a concert hall and a theatre. Thus Orchard Hall can offer such diverse genres as classical music, opera and ballet, and can satisfy the most demanding aficionado of each respective style. Orchard Hall's charm is captured in the elegant perfection of its appurte-nances. The foyer offers a mellow, refined atmosphere and there is an ele-gantly appointed buffet for patrons to enjoy a drink or light refreshment before the show or during the intermission; it can be booked privately for par-ties and receptions. From your first arrival in the cloakroom-so spacious and perfect down to the smallest detail-you are assured a very special experience.

The stage formatted for full orchestra by moving the accoustic sheller.

Orchard Hall is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as inclining stage sysyem , adjustable orchestra pit, and open sound control booth. Photograph shows stage formatted for ballet and opera.

Another example of the convertible stage, this time formatted with speakers above and to the left and right of the stage for a popular music concert.

The foyer conveys a special feeling of expectancy.

Orchard Hall's buffet