Visitor Information

There is reserved seating only in Bunkamura LE CINEMA Shibuya Miyashita (inside Shibuya Toei Plaza). Tickets are valid for one screening only.

1F: Ticket Counter
7F/9F: Theater Floor and Coffee Stand

Opening time: 10:00 *Opening may be earlier, depending on the number of visitors.
*Tickets can be purchased and received at the ticket counter between 10:00 and the closure of the counter for the final screening of the day. Movie booklets and other products can be purchased even after the final screening.

How to watch a film

  1. Specify the film you want to watch and the time of screening at the ticket counter on the first floor.
  2. Check the seating chart and choose a seat according to availability.
  3. Doors normally open ten minutes before the start of each screening.
  4. All seats are reserved. You must only sit in the seat number printed on your ticket.


  • Even if you have a special ticket (advance ticket) or invitation ticket, you are required to exchange it for a reserved-seat ticket for a specific time slot at the ticket counter on the first floor. (You can exchange it two days before the day you wish to watch the film at the earliest.) *The ticket counter will come into operation in Friday, June 16, 2023.
  • Reservations will not be accepted by phone.

The following is not allowed:

  • Changing or refunding a ticket after it has been purchased or received is prohibited.
  • You must not enter the theater after the start of a screening.
  • You are not allowed to enter the theater if all seats are occupied. (Audiences must be seated.)
  • Be careful not to cause a nuisance to people around you when eating or drinking in your seats. If you have fries or other snacks with a strong smell, you need to eat them in the lobby.


We have blankets for use during viewing. Please inquire with our staff.
*The number of blankets is limited.

[About wheelchair space]
If you wish to use the wheelchair space, please contact us in advance as space is limited.