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The Bunkamura Gallery introduces people to a life of quality art through various scenes in daily life.

The Bunkamura Gallery faces the Lobby Lounge on the first floor of Bunkamura.
The gallery wall on the lounge side is made of glass, creating an open and unique space where art can be exhibited to passersby and people relaxing while having tea.
Approximately 30 exhibitions of various genres are planned and held annually to enable people to familiarize themselves with art in their everyday lives.
In addition, small and large rental spaces are also available for artists to exhibit their creative endeavors so that people can interact with art more widely.
The Bunkamura Gallery also provides support for art coordination at residences and facilities (for individuals and businesses) through its network established through these exhibitions.

We are closed from April 10, 2023, to sometime in fiscal 2027 (timing to be determined).
Bunkamura Gallery 8/ will open in June 2023.

Information on exhibitions

The open gallery with large glass wall is a unique space for introducing various types of art.

Rental space

This space is designed to provide artists with a place to show their creative endeavors and encourage people to interact with art more widely.

*Currently, we are not accepting applications for rental space.

Art coordination

Through the Bunkamura’s trust-based network, we can help you to enhance your space—from individual residences to large-scale architecture—with artworks.