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Franchise System

An Orchestra and Ballet Company Based in Bunkamura

Bunkamura incorporated Japan’s first orchestra and ballet franchise. In Europe and the U.S., orchestras and ballet companies often belong to and are based in theaters. By having groups that constantly perform in a certain theater, the theater will be able to maximize its characteristics and appeal. And for performers, having a base theater enables further improvement and brings many other benefits. With the belief that this franchise system will build Bunkamura’s uniqueness and enrich Japan’s culture and arts, the Orchard Hall signed a franchise agreement with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Theater Cocoon signed a similar contract with the On-Theater Jiyu Gekijo before the theaters’ openings and has produced multifaceted results ever since. (The On-Theater Jiyu Gekijo completed its term with its final commemorative performance held in February 1996.)

Starting November 2018, Bunkamura will welcome K-BALLET COMPANY (currently K-BALLET TOKYO) as its new franchise family together with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Through forming a long-term cooperative framework with performing groups full of creativity, Bunkamura will broaden its already versatile spectrum. Bunkamura will continue providing more varieties of arts through having performers and the theater come together as one.


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