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Producers' Office

The foundation of planning and production at Bunkamura

From the very beginning, Bunkamura was designed to establish the "Producers' Office," a project for planning and operation by people playing an active role at the forefront of the culture and art scenes, and to create facilities from the perspectives of both the "audience" and "user" by inviting stage-related specialists to become advisors, based on the idea of placing priority on our "soft" side. Since it was opened in September 1989, Bunkamura has formulated original plans, introduced excellent works and artists selected from inside and outside Japan, offered programs to maintain quality, and pursued a deeper inspiration, in order to embody its founding concept. Hiroyuki Iwaki, Isao Tomita, Norio Maeda, Makoto Sato, Kazuyoshi Kushida and Hiroaki Kaneko, the first-phase producers of Orchard Hall or Theatre Cocoon, have realized the concept of the hall as a self-produced performance and established the repertoire systems unique to Bunkamura.

Based on this philosophy, Orchard Hall invited the conductor Gerard Schwarz (from 1994 to 1996), and music critic Kyoichi Kuroda (from 1999 to 2009) as producers. Finally, Tetsuya Kumakawa (artistic director and principal dancer of K-BALLET TOKYO) has served as the artistic director of Orchard Hall since 2012. Kazuyoshi Kushida served as artistic director at Theatre Cocoon since its opening, and after his term expired in 1996, the director Yukio Ninagawa (from 1999 to 2016) assumed this role. As of 2020, the writer, director and actor Suzuki Matsuo serves as artistic director. At The Museum, Shunsuke Kijima (art critic) had served as a producer from before its opening until August 2023. Bunkamura will continue its unique operation based on its distinctive concept regarding the creation of works as a valuable asset.

<Orchard Hall>
Artistic director:
Tetsuya Kumakawa(ballet dancer)
– since 2012
Former producers

Hiroyuki Iwaki (conductor), Isao Tomita (sound performer), Norio Maeda (music arranger),
Makoto Sato (stage director),
Gerard Schwarz (conductor), and Kyoichi Kuroda (music critic)

<Theatre Cocoon>
Artistic director:
Suzuki Matsuo(writer, director & actor)
– since 2020
Former producers & artistic directors

Hiroaki Kaneko (producer)
Artistic director:
Kazuyoshi Kushida (stage director)
Yukio Ninagawa (stage director)

<The Museum>
Former producer

Nobuo Abe (art critic)

Shunsuke Kijima (art critic)