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Facility Information

Open-style museum in which visitors are free to enjoy art anytime
The astylar exhibition room has a total floor area of 837 m2 and ceiling height of four meters
Free combination of movable wall panels enables creation of various types of spaces

We are closed from April 10, 2023, to sometime in fiscal 2027 (timing to be determined).
During this time, exhibitions will take place at another venue. Click here for the scheduled exhibitions.

Bunkamura, The Museum is mainly engaged in planning and exhibiting art. With a focus on a stream of modern art, The Museum holds thematic, visionary, and highly recognized exhibitions, such as solo exhibitions of artists who have little chance to exhibit in Japan and exhibitions of masterpieces from internationally renowned museums.


Four to six exhibitions are planned and held annually with a focus on the following four themes: Western paintings in the 19th and 20th centuries, masterpieces from international museums, the works of female artists, and photography.


Art review activities (museum gatherings) offer more people the opportunity to come in close contact with and enjoy art.


A variety of related events are provided so that visitors can enjoy and understand each exhibition from different perspectives.