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A place of motion picture art, forming a bridge between the Audience and the World

There are two movie theaters at the Bunkamura complex: Le Cinema 1 and Le Cinema 2. These are high grade mini-theaters equipped with the latest in digital projection systems. All seats are reserved and tickets can be purchased on-line for the additional convenience of our customers. Guests are able to enjoy movies in a pleasant setting, the luxurious foyer space and the buffet shop that offers refreshing beverages and light meals. Le Cinema selects outstanding European and Asian films created by highly acclaimed producers, directors and casts. Some of the movies shown at Le Cinema have go on to become long-running hits.

We are closed from April 10, 2023, to sometime in fiscal 2027 (timing to be determined).
Bunkamura LE CINÉMA Shibuya Miyashita will open in June 2023.

Entrance with foyer and buffet

Entrance with foyer and buffet