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The Empire of Imagination and Science of Rudolf II

Sat. January 6 - Sun. March 11, 2018
* 1/16 & 2/13 closed

The wonderland of the ultimate hobbyist

Rudolf II (1552-1612) from the House of Habsburg, who resided at the Imperial Castle in Prague and reigned as the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, is known as an unrivalled collector and a patron of art. From the end of the 16th century to the early 17th century, people with artistic excellence gathered at his palace, which amassed vast numbers of artifacts and a whole range of marvelous creations including scientific instruments, as well as newly discovered, rare natural objects, literally forming "Cabinets of curiosities." His palace served as one of the most significant art culture locations in Europe at the time. Centered on the artworks created by Giuseppe Arcimboldo and others under Rudolf II's patronage, this exhibition invites you to a world of art and science, often filled with magical charm, created by this Emperor who also had a keen interest in astrology and alchemy.

Admission Fee

Admission Fee (Including tax) The day Advance and organizations
College & high school students¥1,000¥800
Junior high & elementary school students¥700¥500

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