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    Introduction / About the Competition

    Be ready to jump!

    No matter what kind of difficulties come up, we confidently send this message to all the young dancers who assume the artistic mission of the future.
    ORCHARD GRAND PRIX Asia Pacific Ballet Competition will be launched in 2022, under the supervision of Tetsuya Kumakawa, Artistic director of Bunkamura Orchard Hall. It is a new competition for world ballet dancers.

    An unprecedented crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has put the art industry out of the world’s core concern of protecting our lives. Thus the art is now facing the challenge to survive. In such a situation the young talents keep seeking for the chances to try themselves internationally, but the opportunities are now very limited.
    The ballet, an excellent art form with great history, is our passion. However, its life will fade away without the brave challenges of the young dancers aiming to reach their unseen frontier.

    How can we help them to fly higher and expand their possibilities?

    In full readiness now ORCHARD GRAND PRIX Asia Pacific Ballet Competition is launched with two main principles:
    - offering equal opportunities to all candidates
    - providing them with the best learnings and extensive choices.
    For the realization of our unique environment based on the above principles we adopt on-line judging (except the final), prepare distinctive amounts of rewards, organize international jury with an uncompromising criteria, and provide all the participants with the contents of practical study for their continuous development.

    We welcome the applicants from ages 11 to 26. We are also open to professionals who wish to use this experience for their career enhancement.

    The Competition is held in Tokyo, the energetic cultural city in Asia. The Asian ballet will accept and lead the post-Covid world where we find no more barriers in races, ethnicities and genders. A stage for great change has been set up. We are excited to discover here as many as possible enthusiastic faces and to encourage them until the final.

    So step ahead, and fly.



    Equal opportunitiesWe set up an environment where the opportunities are equal, and easy to access for all the participants.

    • Free entry for document screening
      • The application for the first screening is free. Applicants need to pay only from the second screening by video.
    • Assigned music and choreography
      • We provide compulsory enchaînements by video. Applicants don’t need to prepare choreography pieces and musics.
    • On-line judgements (except the final)
      • We adopt on-line system through entry to pre-final to correspond to any unexpected social situations and requirements. One smartphone completes all the procedures through application, payment and video submission. A smartphone will be your one-stop tool throughout the Competition. You can shoot your compulsory video with it (and other tools as well).
    • Help for necessary expenses
      • The final will be held at Orchard Hall in Bunkamura, Tokyo, Japan.
      • We bear to the finalists transport, accommodation and meal costs.
    • Open to professionals and non-professionals

    Rewards for your futureWe set the convincing amount of rewards for the purpose of helping the realization of your dreams.

    • 5,000,000 JPY(about US$43,800) for the Special prize
    • 3,000,000 JPY(about US$26,300) for the First prize of each category
    • 1,000,000 JPY(about US$8,700) for the Second prize of each category
    • 300,000 JPY(about US$2,600) for the Third prize of each category

    Uncompromising criteria of international juryWe provide an eye-opening experience to the applicants. Being judged by the international criteria you will get a new discipline at your everyday practice.

    • We will invite the judges who represent the world ballet companies and schools.
      • The list of the jury members will be announced as soon as it is finalized.

    Contents for future studyWe hope that the applicants will not be just satisfied by the participation, but will continue to grow.

    • Let’s study with eminent world dancers
      • You will find with us the model performance video of enchaînements danced by the world dancers. This will be an opportunity to touch and get a direct knowledge of details of world-class dancing. Your ability of observation certainly gets higher.
    • Let’s learn with your peer participants
      • We will provide you an advisory video explanation for the applicants who would have lost before the final. This on-line gathering gives you the example videos of other participants with oral teachings that make you understand good dancing techniques and motivate you to learn more.
    Tetsuya Kumakawa
    ©Koutarou Washizaki

    Message from Tetsuya Kumakawa, Artistic director of Orchard Hall, Bunkamura, Tokyo

    Japan has some particular aspects in its history of competitions. In the Japanese ballet, whose beginning was one of the private cultural lessons of children at the time, many competitions of today work also as a financing tool for continuous activities. Although the country enjoys the development of art industry, yet I find myself in certain frustration.

    As ballet educator and artistic director I’ve produced many opportunities of professional performance for young dancers. I have a faith that the true education requires us the ability to give the young multiple viewpoints and experiences. This faith naturally brought me to the decision to establish a Competition with several new conditions corresponding to the need of our time. I was also one young dancer to win at competitions and get a big chance to fly abroad. Thus now I feel it’s my turn and responsibility to give it back to the following generations.

    ORCHARD GRAND PRIX Asia Pacific Ballet Competition features on-line application and judgement system to provide all applicants with equal opportunities as well as the unique amount setting for the rewards. It must fit the requirements from the present world where borderless choice and activity are the standard. Our history-breaking reward throws an essential question to the winners. How can they make use of it to be the true winner of brilliant future? Then the prize will work as an accurate indicator.

    The momentum of ballet in Tokyo is growing while in many other parts of the world the ballet people are being discouraged. We lead the Asian ballet and send you a fresh and exciting challenge.
    Let’s create a chance to give to the unknown brilliant talents, believing their unlimited potential can fly.

    Tetsuya Kumakawa, Artistic director of Orchard Hall, Bunkamura, Tokyo



    Selection process

    We proceed the selections as follows.

    • STEP-1:1st screening :
      on-line screening by documents - free entry

      Period of entry:
      23:59 JST Friday, December 10th, 2021 - deadline 1st
      23:59 JST Monday, February 28th, 2022 - deadline 2nd
      We send you the result of 1st screening in March 2022

      You can find the entry form here

      Please fill out the on-line entry form and upload your photos (face and poses).

      You can see the requested poses here

    • STEP-2:2nd screening :
      on-line screening by video - with entry fee

      Period of entry: from March 2022 to May 2022
      N.B. Regarding the period please check our latest information update.
      We send you the result of 2nd screening in March-June 2022

      For the 2nd screening we provide the applicants the compulsory enchaînements by video.
      (This video contains 15-minute model performance of barre and center lessons. Applicants do not need to prepare choreography pieces or musics.)

    • STEP-3:The final :
      Stage performance at Orchard Hall in Bunkamura, Tokyo, Japan
      - the finals of all categories followed by awarding ceremonies

      Date: Saturday, August 6th, 2022 and Sunday, August 7th, 2022
      N.B. One of these days may be eliminated.

      The finalists perform on stage one variation from the repertoire that we provide them in advance. The jury will give the results: one special prize winner, and 3 winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) of each category.

    • We adopt on-line judgement for 1st and 2nd steps (screenings by documents and videos).
    • For photos and videos you may use ordinary devices (smartphone, digital camera, etc.) and don’t need to pursue any high function tool.
    • Regarding compulsory enchaînements, video submission and deadline, we provide the information directly to the qualified applicants after the results of first screening.
    • We announce the list of choices of variations as soon as it is decided.
    • The final stages are open to the public. Further details of this event (including prices of tickets) will be decided and announced in spring 2022.


    Orchard Hall in Bunkamura
    2-24-1 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-8507, JAPAN
    TEL: +81-3-3477-9111 http://www.bunkamura.co.jp/english/orchard/


    - to be announced -

    • The judges of 1st and 2nd screenings are the persons designated by the jury of the final.


    • Junior 1 category : male and female dancers of ages 11 to 14
    • Junior 2 category : male and female dancers of ages 15 to 18
    • Senior category : male and female dancers of ages 19 to 26
    • Ages are as of August 7th 2022.
    • regardless of nationality and of place of residence
    • It is regarded that female participants are the dancers who have acquired the basic techniques of pointe.
    • Application is open to both professionals and non-professionals.


    35000JPY for Step-2 (The fee will be required only to the participants qualified at step1)

    • No entry fee for Step-1, and no additional fee for the final
    • Information of payment methods and deadline will be sent to the qualified participants of Step-1. You can pay by your credit card.
    • The entry fee includes non-life insurance fee (with conditions).


    • 5,000,000 JPY(about US$43,800) for the Special prize
    • 3,000,000 JPY(about US$26,300) for the First prize of each category
    • 1,000,000 JPY(about US$8,700) for the Second prize of each category
    • 300,000 JPY(about US$2,600) for the Third prize of each category
    • Rewards may not be given if there is no dancer who deserves the award.
    • The Special prize is awarded to only one dancer selected from all categories.


    The executive committee of the Competition tries to cover travel expenses for the finalists for transport, accommodation and meals.

    • Regarding the limit of amounts we respect the terms and conditions of the Committee, and provide the information individually to the finalists.
    • The Committee shall not cover any cost borne by the travel of companions.


    Please fill out the on-line entry form and upload your photos (face and poses).
    You can see the requested poses here

    application deadline :
    23:59 JST Friday, December 10th, 2021 - deadline 1st
    23:59 JST Monday, February 28th, 2022 - deadline 2nd
    N.B. Facsimile transmission and direct bring-in are not accepted.


    • The final will be held under strict protection measures of Covid-19. However the participants should know that it must change a part of its conditions or be cancelled due to the social situations. In such cases no other costs than entry fee can be refunded. Any expenses incurred due to this matter including cancellation charges are not subject to compensation.
    • The performances at the final will be open to the public. The information about tickets and other details will be announced in spring 2022. The event may also be broadcast by live and/or video streamings.
    • The personal and career information of the prize winners may appear in the advertising materials and websites of the OGP Committee, Bunkamura, and our collaborators and sponsors.
    • The photographs and videos of the performances at the final may appear in the advertising materials and websites of the OGP Committee, Bunkamura, and our collaborators and sponsors.
    • The OGP Committee receives your personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) and uses it exclusively for the Competition-related matters and operations.


    ORCHARD GRAND PRIX Executive Committee  ogp@bunkamura.co.jp

    • Please note that we will not give in our answers the results of qualifications.


    How much is the entry fee?

    The first step, application and document screening, is free. If you passed the first step, you need to pay 35000JPY for the second screening and following steps. No additional payment for the final.

    How can we pay?

    You can pay by your credit card. We send you our account URL information for payment at the moment of your first passing of document screening.

    I would like to know about your help for expenses of transport and accommodation for the finalists.

    We would like to help the participants to reduce travel expenses. For the finalists we bear transport, accommodation and meal costs. We provide necessary information (limit of amounts, payment method etc.) to the target applicants.

    I am a professional dancer who work outside Japan. Can I be a candidate?

    Yes, you can, if you are in the indicated age range.

    How will I get my result?

    You will receive it with an e-mail from us. Please set your device reception to specify our domain “@bunkamura.co.jp”

    What are the enchaînements that you require for the 2nd screening?

    It is a series of movements for about 15 minutes. You must try this choreography composed of barre and center basic exercises. So you don’t need to prepare by yourself choreographies and musics.

    Do I have to dance the enchaînements and the piece for the final with pointe?

    We say yes, because this competition targets the dancers who are ready to dance with pointe after adequate trainings. But if you have some particular reason to avoid pointe, for example injury, please let us know it and ask our advice.

    What music will you propose us for the final?

    We will provide you a list of music of variation pieces from classical ballet repertoire. If you know the variations often selected for other international competitions, ours will not be very different from those.

    In my photos and video that I submit should I wear a mask?

    No. Please take your mask off in the photos and video. However, it is each participant’s responsibility to take infection control measures at photo and video shootings. At the final we will not request you to put on a mask, but in the venue you must follow strictly all our virus prevention rules.

    For your further questions please contact:

    OGP executive office  ogp@bunkamura.co.jp