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Current Exhibition

Bunkamura’s 25th Anniversary
Collection of Museo Poldi Pezzoli : The Aristocratic Palace and its Beauty
Milano the Magnificent Collection of the Nobleman

Fri. April 4 – Sun. May 25, 2014

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Piero del Pollaiolo
Portrait of a Woman
c.1470 tempera on wood

Upcoming Exhibitions

Bunkamura’s 25th Anniversary Special Exhibition
Rétrospective Raoul Dufy

Sat. June 7 – Sun. July 27, 2014
* 7/2 closed

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Raoul Dufy
Hommage a Claude Debussy
Oil on canvas
Musee Andre-Marlaux, Le Havre
(C)Florian Kleinefenn

Bunkamura’s 25th Anniversary Special Exhibition
Visual Deception Ⅱ
Into the future

Sat. August 9 – Sun. October 5, 2014
* 9/8 closed

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Giuseppe Arcimboldo
The Librarian
c.1566 Oil on canvas
Skokloster Castle, Sweden
Photo:Samuel Uhrdin

Bunkamura’s 25th Anniversary
The Dreamry French Paintings

Sat. October 18 – Sun. December 14, 2014
* 11/4 closed

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Portrait of Mrs. de Galéa
Oil on canvas