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BiG-i×Bunkamura Art Project
Call for Entries Vol.1


Organizer: Bunkamura
Partnership & Cooperation: International Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities, BiG-i

■ What is BiG-i×Bunkamura Art Project?

The power of art, connecting people. We aim to encourage communication between all people through art, whether they have a disability or not, and share its excitement and joy. Bunkamura, together with the International Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities, BiG-i, offers the opportunity of art activities for people with disabilities so they can discover their own potential and reach self-realization, as well as support for those activities and their transmission through society.


■ Call for Entries

■ Application Guidelines (International Entries). Please read the guidelines carefully when making your application.

Rules for Submission

Artwork created by people with disabilities that has never previously been awarded, domestically or internationally.

Qualifications for Entry

A person who fulfills any of the following:
1. The artist themselves
2. A person with parental authority (in the case of underage artists)/Parent/A guardian
3. An organization that the artist belongs to (an institution/school/art class etc.)

Number of Artworks

Up to two pieces per artist

Submission Guidelines

Classification: two-dimensional and three-dimensional work, etc. Materials and themes are unrestricted.

[Artwork that may not be submitted]
● Artwork that has previously been awarded
● Photographic work
● Artwork containing materials that decay quickly (e.g. live flowers)
● Artwork using dangerous materials (e.g. flammable or poisonous)
● Fragile artwork (that cannot be stored or exhibited)
● Artwork that breaches portrait rights, copyright, trademarks, or the right to privacy
* The organizer is not responsible for any damage resulting from anything used in the artwork.

[Cases in which the application and selection are not accepted]
● Application outside the appointed period
● Incomplete application forms (both for provided information or photographs of the submitted work, etc.)
● Failure to comply with submission guidelines and application conditions.

Framing: Please do not frame the artwork.
Sizes and weights: Due to regulations for transporting and exhibiting the artworks, the sizes are limited to the following.

*The longer side of the work should be no more than 200cm, and the sum of the two sides must be 320cm or under to be accepted.
*The size of an artwork, fully packaged, must be 1.5m or less on its longest side.  The sum of the longest side and circumference must be under 3m. And
the weight must be under 30kg to be accepted.

Two-dimensional work    
Vertical work: A. 200cm length x B. 120cm width or under
Horizontal work: A. 120cm length x B. 200cm width or under

Three-dimensional work
A. 200cm height x B. 150cm width x C. 150cm depth D. 30kg weight or under

Application Fee

Free (shipping costs for submission are to be paid by the applicant)

Application Conditions

● The Selected Artworks can be lent to the organizer (to a maximum period of one year)
● The applicant agrees for their artwork to be used for the following purposes:
・Display at exhibitions and PR
・Recording by the organizer, use on websites, SNS, and other media
● The applicant reads and agrees to the submission rules, submission guidelines, and application conditions

Selection Process

[Primary Screening (document selection)]
Conducted by the application form A3 (420mm*297mm) size, one copy)
*Photographs and references other than the application form are not taken into consideration in the selection.

[Secondary Screening (selection by original artworks)]
Conducted on actual artwork

Notification of Results

For both Primary and Secondary Screening, notification of results will be provided by email. Please apply with an email address that has been set to receive messages from compe@cue-arts.org


The project plans to select artworks for Award-winning Works (4 pieces), Bunkamura Award (1 piece), and BiG-i Award (1 piece), along with 50 Selected Pieces.
An exhibition of the awarded and selected artworks will be held at Bunkamura Gallery 8/ (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Application Period

July 1st (Sat.) – September 29th (Fri.) 2023
17:00 on September 29th (Japan time)
*Applications received outside the application period will not be considered for selection

Application Process

① Complete the application form
*Use one application form per artwork.
*When using a photocopied application form, photocopy the original without reducing the size onto an A3 (420mm*297mm)  sheet or two A4 (297mm* 210mm)  sheets on one side.
*Please use block lettering, not joined-up writing.

② Attach a photograph of the artwork to the application form
*If the form does not include a photographic image of the work or the image exceeds the designated section the application will not be accepted.

③ Send the application form by post addressed the art project office or attached to an email.

*The Primary Screening is done based on the application form document. Do not send the artwork itself.
*Do not include anything with the application form.
*If you are applying with more than one artwork, send the application forms for all works together. When sent by email, all files should be combined.
*The number of artworks submitted should be written on the back of the envelope or in the email.
*Application forms will not be returned. Applicants should keep copies of them.

Application form download:
Please check the requirements from here. (PDF)
The application form can be downloaded from here. (PDF / Word)

Application form Delivery Address

BiG-i×Bunkamura Art Project Office
Email:  compe@cue-arts.org
Address: Chiyoda North Building 4F-E, 13-38, Naniwa-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0022 JAPAN

Personal Information Usage

Personal information on the application form will be used for the following purposes. Please apply upon agreement.

① Contact, sending artwork and references, information about this project including future editions.

② Publication of the titles of work and artists’ names (pen names) in the exhibition of this project and any informational media by the organizer, related parties, and various other mass media.

③ Necessary work for this project, research and analysis for the improvement of projects conducted by the organizers.

④ Within the scope of this project, provision to business handlers in required fields under appropriate management, protection, and supervision confirmed by contracts.

* Upon occasions for use other than the above, it will be used with the consent of the applicant except in legally required cases.

* The Secondary Screening will be Undertaken with the original artworks. Applicants who pass the primary screening will be asked to send the actual work according to the following guidelines. Please be aware of this when you consider applying.


* Packaging and delivery of the artwork is the responsibility of the artist.
* Do not frame the work.
* Pack with sufficient care, taking into account the protection of the work so that it will not suffer damage during transportation.
* When filling out delivery slips, please be aware that the total sum of the work in a package should not exceed the value of ¥10,000. If the package is registered with a value of over ¥10,000, customs tax may be applied. This tax will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Delivery Fee

* The cost of delivery to the organizer is the responsibility of the applicant.
* Return delivery of the artwork to the applicant will be covered by the organizer.

Artwork Return

* Artwork not selected will be returned after the Secondary Screening, starting from February 2024.
* Selected artworks will be returned after the exhibition in summer 2024.
* On principle, artworks will be returned to the name and address entered on the delivery slip.
* Artworks will be handled with great care to avoid damage, but should there be any sign of it, it will be dealt with according to the compensation rules of the Movables Comprehensive Insurance of the organizers.


● Yuji Akimoto
Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of the Arts

● Baron Ueda
Artist / AI BEAR Creator

● Edward M. Gómez
Founder and Editor-in-chief of brutjournal

● Hiroaki Nakatsugawa
Artist, Art Director