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Bunkamura’s 25th Anniversary Special Exhibition
Visual Deception Ⅱ
Into the future

Sat. August 9 – Sun. October 5, 2014
* 9/8 closed

In the history of art, the genre of “Trompe l'oeil,” with devices that play tricks on the spectators’ eyes, is a well-established feature. This exhibition is the sequel to the Visual Deception exhibition held in 2009, Trick Art Exhibition, which broadly traced the history of the genre. While the previous exhibition emphasized the historical development of the genre of Trompe l'oeil, this time we focus on the evolution of the techniques of illusion in modern art as it branches out into many different streams. We’ve chosen works that are visually interesting as well as excellent in terms of artistry. Also, we divided visual tricks into categories such as “trompe-l’oeil,” “shadows,” “op illusions,” “anamorphosis” and “metamorphosis”; we exhibit new approaches to modern “Trompe l'oeil” along with the achievements of the established masters.

Admission Fee

Admission Fee (Including tax) The day Advance and organizations
College & high school students¥1,000¥800
Junior high & elementary school students¥700¥500
Discounts available for groups of 20 or more, as shown in parentheses.
* Students must present their ID when purchasing student tickets (excluding elementary school students).

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