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The Bunkamura Gallery aims to provide artists with a place to introduce their creative endeavors, and to encourage people to interact with art more widely.

The Bunkamura Gallery offers rental spaces within Bunkamura so that a greater number of people engaged in creative pursuits can find a place to exhibit their works.
The spaces are open to creative artists. By providing open spaces that are exposed to many people, we hope to expand the circle of people who love art. You are welcome to use these spaces as a place where people can come together to meet new people and view artworks in a creative environment filled with vigor and excitement.

There are two types of rental spaces: Box Gallery, a box-type open space adjacent to the Bunkamura Gallery, and Wall Gallery, a display wall located across the Lobby Lounge (café). Spaces can be selected according to your purpose and desire.

Bunkamura Box Gallery

The Bunkamura Box Gallery is an open space with a total area of approximately 50 m2. By taking advantage of these characteristics, you can use the space for a variety of purposes, including group and solo exhibitions. Flat artworks, as well as three-dimensional and installation works can also be displayed by utilizing the entire space. This is a flexible space that gives artists free reign for their expression.

Bunkamura Wall Gallery

The display wall at 2.5 meters high and 6.0 meters wide catches the attention of the many people who visit Bunkamura to enjoy meals and tea at the Lobby Lounge (café) and appreciate performances. A number of young artists and groups have used the gallery to debut their works.