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Tokyu Silvester Concert 2017 - 2018

Sun. December 31, 2017 22:00

Conductor: Junichi Hirokami
Ballet: Svetlana Zakharova
Violin: Vadim Repin
Soplano: Sara Kobayashi
Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

*Part 2 will be broadcast live on TV Tokyo and BS Japan channel.


S: ¥12,000 A: ¥10,000 (includes tax)
* Preschool children will not be admitted. Tickets must be purchased for each child.

Tickets on sale

Sun. December 3, 2017


Bunkamura Ticket Centre <10:00-17:30>
03-3477-9912 <Special telephone number for purchasing tickets the day they go on sale>
* Payment for this performance can be made only by bank transfer within 10 days from the day of booking. Tickets will be sent by simplified registered mail starting on Wednesday, December 20.
* The ticket counter does not accept payment or issue tickets.

* Tickets will be not sold at the Bunkamura Ticket Counter and TOKYU THEATRE Orb Ticket Center
* You may purchase up to two tickets per order.


TV Tokyo ticket office: 03-3587-3000 <Weekdays 11:00-17:00>
Bunkamura: 03-3477-3244 <10:00-19:00>